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> Are you hiring sales reps or engineers? Why are you asking for an engineer to sell you on their past project(s)?

I don't ask them to sell me, I ask them to dive into the technical issues they faced and how they solved them. It tells me a lot more about how they will handle similar issues in the future than scribbling DFS on a white-board would.

Just to clarify, when you say "how they would handle similar issues" do you mean talking to a hiring manager about a past project during an interview setting?

I don't understand what you're calibrating for...

I'm a bit unclear on your question. I'm assuming a technical person with relevant knowledge performs the technical interview, if that is what you mean.

The interview setting, with someone who might or might not be technically capable, with your job / career / earnings at stake is a very different situation than explaining past projects to a colleague at work.

Programmers in a company work with other programmers. If they cannot explain some work they've done then they are useless. Or would you hire a programmer who does not speak English?

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