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He’s implying the author fell victim to a cognitive bias.* he’s not doubting their honesty , he’s just being harsh on the lack of discipline when it comes to battling your own brain’s tendency to lie to you.

Avoiding biases is hard and painful work, which goes well with being resolute and non compromising. When this accidentally bleeds through to others, because you’re human and you forgot to throttle back, it can seem blunt and disrespectful. But it’s often not meant that way, at all.

I think it’s fair to give him benefit of the doubt, here. From what little I know, Thomas is a man with great respect for data. :)

* Selection bias? Whatever, it’s a bias. Apply the “pick one to sound smart” rule. :)

> Apply the “pick one to sound smart” rule. :)

Confirmation bias! :p

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