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This is the only correct answer. White boarding is to coding what Foosball is to soccer.

In my last in-person interview they asked me a bunch of trivia that was a simple google search away - so of course, why would I bother memorizing those things? I got a dear john letter back saying I wasn't smart enough or some such, and it's like "oh great, being called an idiot by an idiot". And that's most of my interviews if I can get past head hunters that don't even bother to do their homework. Do you know "go long"? How would you solve this "cash-ay" problem? Yuck.

Sometimes I just wish people had some common sense and were reasonable and could think. But by and large people just do not give a crap to be good at their job because people by and large are just lazy and suck. Call me a pessimist but man are there some stinkers out there.

  White boarding is to coding what Foosball is to soccer
My preferred analogy is that whiteboarding is to coding as rotisserie baseball (playing GM) is to playing baseball.

That reminds me of the infamous "You, Jeepies?" programmer interview.


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