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Any project of sufficient size will have warts. Python added type checking after Guido saw how hard it was going to be to port Dropbox's 2mil LOC codebase to python 3. There is a reason the two most popular dynamic languages have added a type system.

There is also a reason why Java lost popularity. People think that languages like TypeScript are somehow different, but they're not. TypeScript encourages exactly the same patterns as those used in Java. Mark my words, it will suffer from exactly the same problems. It will just take a few years for people to realize this.

Comparing the type systems of Java and Typescript shows a lack of understanding of the differences between them. Modern type-safe language have numerous things that Java never had and probably never will.

Any project of size will need types. Either they will be explicit (static typing) or the project will be riddled comments, tests, assertions, and bugs.

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