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None of this addresses my original point: I simply do not believe (and, unlike with a local farm, can not verify) that all Tyson chickens are treated that way you're saying they are.

I think that some of them are kept in battery cages, fed antibiotics, debeaked or otherwise mutilated, etc.

I see truckloads of chickens being hauled to the processing plants quite often and they all have feathers, beaks, legs, wings, etc. All their parts are intact and where they should be.

"Debeaking" is not what it sounds like. Chickens have a small, sharp, tooth like point on the very end of their upper beak, and that's what's removed. It's kind of like pulling an incisor, and not like at all like cutting off their entire beak. And that's mostly only done to laying hens, and not done at all on chickens used for cooking by Tyson. Those chickens are only about six weeks old when they're sent for processing. Their beaks haven't even begun to form that "tooth" yet.

Tyson has some pretty strict and well defined standards for those growers.

It's worth taking the time to learn the truth and facts because otherwise you end up worrying about things that do not, in fact, exist.

> Tyson has some pretty strict and well defined standards for those growers.

No they don't. Not at all.

Paraphrasing an organization "Tyson Tortures Chickens"[0]:

Has Tyson committed to reducing maximum stocking density to equal to or less than 6 lbs./sq. ft., with no cages?

Does Tyson require that contractors provide chickens with enriched environments, including litter, lighting, and enrichment that meets GAP’s new

Has Tyson required contractors to replace live-shackle slaughter with multi-step controlled atmosphere processing that eliminates the horrific suffering caused by shackling, shocking, and slitting the throats of conscious?

--- Buying chickens from a local farm, where you can see the treatment, is better. It's better in every way. Your defense of Tyson is puzzling to me.

0: www.tysontorturesanimals.com

This has sat for awhile, but it's worthy of a response.

"Buying chickens from a local farm, where you can see the treatment, is better. It's better in every way."

That's true. That's why I raise my own.

"Your defense of Tyson is puzzling to me."

I am more defending the farmers that live within a 100 miles of me because I've seen their farms and know some of them.

Processing chickens is a bloody business. It's easy to duff off that responsibility to someone else, and easy to complain about how it's done. That's a lot easier that doing it.

Those chickens farmer neighbors of mine are not processing those chickens. They are selling chickens to Tyson.

Tyson chickens feed a huge number of people everyday, many of which are poor, and of the choices they have it's among the better ones.

The notion that I should sit at my desk and complain about Tyson while not actively pursuing what I believe to be a much better way to feed all those people just isn't one I can stand on.

I can agree that farmers and companies like Tyson should to their best to raise and process those chickens in the quickest and least painful way possible but I'm not going to demonize them. They feed a lot of people and that needs to be considered too.

So, the thing to do is work on better ways. You buy your chickens from local farmers. I raise my own and help others do the same by incubating eggs. I actually hatched a couple hundred chicken last year and kept around 30. I gave the rest away.

I won't be visiting "tysontorturesanimals.com" but I will encourage you to design, fund, and build a processing plant that meets your standards and stop complaining about Tyson.

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