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Typescript is amazing!

I spent the last 90 days porting about 350k lines of code to Typescript plus implementing another 400k.


It's basically a document and annotation manager for PDF and notes. Kind of an Open Source Mendeley/Evernote/Github if you will.

This code base is changing often and I really hit a dead in in terms of JS scalability.

I was just refactoring too much, breaking things, etc.

Now I can just rely on the compiler when I break things.

If I want to change a function type in TS it's no problem.

In JS it's a nightmare.

4000 LOC a day, every day, for 3 months? I hope that's a lot of boiler plate!

Depends on his coding style.

You can write Typescript like Java. You can also write it (almost) like Clojure. It's really very flexible, but without most of the insanity that flexibility causes in normal JS.

Typescript has a standard library like clojure for manipulating data? like the lodash of the JS world.

I would be surprised (without golfing of course) if typescript can match clojure's conciseness.

I didn't say it could match it. I don't think it can, but you can write it very concisely if you choose to.

There's not a big difference in concisesness or readability between Clojure threading macros and JS promise chaining, for example:

(-> (do x) then-do-y then-do-z then-do-q)


doX() .then(doY) .then(doZ) .then(doQ);

Of course, the Clojure version is more flexible, and the ability to define DSLs very simply allows for further conciseness, but that's all beside the point. My point is just that Typescript can be written very concisely or very verbosely, depending on your own coding style.

No, typescript adds as little as possible to support its language features. You'll need to rely on js libraries or browser features for the API.

This looks awesome, going to check it out this weekend!

FYI in a narrow (especially < ~1000px) the Features icons are overlapping content. I tried changing the class 'fa-4x' to 'fa-2x' on those icons and it appears to fix the issue.

Any chance you would ever add RSS capabilities?

Thinking about it actually but for now worried about feature creep. We will see though.

I was actually one of the original inventors of RSS 1.0 and was on the working group.


Is my other company and we have about a petabyte of content ... so definitely familiar with the space.

I'm trying to look at things a bit differently now though. I have a bunch of ideas I'm going to experimenting with.

Actually might just implement it because you guys at Hacker News will upvote me into the stratosphere ;)

So you did 750 thousand lines of code in 90 days? impressive.

your project is amazing, i would love to help contribute as i have time. please reach out if you need development help.

Definitely always need help even if it's just feedback on releases.

The issue tracker is a good place to start looking :)

WTF. The project seems completely useless and gimmicky to me.

My problem is that I read a LOT of articles and publications. If I started highlighting things in articles, I would never have enough time to go back to them. Besides, why would I want to? I already read it, which means that it's already in my mind! What's the point of reading stuff if not to put information inside your mind? I'd rather use my time to read more new stuff than to revisit things I already know.

Maybe the solution is not more tools, it's just to stick to topics that interest you and to pay attention and put more thought into what you're reading.

maybe you should be a little less critical about someone who actually built something extremely useful and spend some time investigating the topic of "incremental reading" -- reading info and retaining info are two different things


>> reading info and retaining info are two different things

I apologize, I projected my own experience and assumed that other people were able to remember the main points of what they read. I guess most people don't have have great memory. I never thought of myself has having good memory but I remember the main points of most of what I read.

also, looking for an answer to this question :)


Oh my god, getpolarized is exactly what I am currently trying to achieve. I tried out PDF.js to get highlighting and reading progress in my application but could never figure it out. This is amazing!!

Nice!! glad you approve! Jump on the Discord if you have any questions.

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