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The issue with antibiotics in farming is that they may be used to contrast unhealthy conditions.

If your chicken don't get sick because they have free roaming space and don't peck each other and so on you don't need antibiotics.

> they have free roaming space and don't peck each other and so on

Chickens are assholes no matter the square footage.

I think that's a bit unfair, just because we haven't bred all of their instinctual behaviour out of them.

chicken contact lenses (to reduce aggression) was one of my favorite business case studies: https://gohighbrow.com/optical-distortion-aka-the-chicken-co...

i won't spoil the punchline (it's not obvious from first blush).

Someone made a website for it too: https://www.opticaldistortion.com/

awesome but how do I learn more about this? Both links from that page are dead -_-

if you want the punchline, this quora answer has it (SPOILER ALERT): https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-most-useful-Harvard-Busine...

otherwise you can search for “ODI optical distortion business case” to find sites that have the setup and various attempts at analyzing/answering the case.

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