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If you get tofurkey or mock duck instead, you'll never have to worry whether it was battery chicken from a factory farm. Yes, it may taste slightly different, but it's a tiny cost to pay to prevent a long time of extreme suffering.

For me, it has helped my mental well being, to not (even subconsciously) have to think about the life of the being whose flesh I've been eating.

> it may taste slightly different

Slightly different? I like vegetables and tofu as much as they next person, but 'textured protein' meat alternatives taste nothing like the real thing.

I prefer just to spend a little more on a non-battery chicken.

Beyond Meat is doing "chicken strips" now and is going full tilt boogie on other meats: bratwurst, steak, and bacon!


Most of those meat alternatives are either soy or wheat based and not necessarily the healthiest kind of food. IMO if you don't want to eat meat learn how to cook vegetables in a tasty way. There's some pretty amazing dishes you can make from fresh(and not processed) vegetables.

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