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Yeah... it's indentured servitude... chicken farmers take on millions in debt, and walk out with wages of $20-30K for 18 hour days x 7 days per week..

That doesn't make much sense. Someone in a position to invest millions (or take out millions in loans) would more likely be paying someone else wages to do the work, whether 18 hours or whatever. From what I hear contract poultry farming has become almost a turnkey sort of business. You contract with one of the poultry majors, they supply you with a lot of the supplies you need for whichever niche you occupy, and then basically guarantee buying your entire output.

>Yeah... it's indentured servitude

That phrase doesn't mean what you think it means. If you can declare bankruptcy, you can't be an indentured servant.

So you can get out at any time if you don't mind ruining your life in the process? I think the phrase is apt enough.

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