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Sequel Pro – Open source macOS native MySQL GUI client (sequelpro.com)
353 points by atrudeau 36 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 166 comments

Projects like these should be celebrated through donations and this project makes it easy. When’s the last time you’ve seen freeware developer tool for macOS that’s not from a corporation with money to spare?

I personally can’t think of anything beyond iTerm (utility), Homebrew (utility), ...aaand that's where my list ends.

Fork is a great Git GUI with a very "Mac-like" interface (also available for Windows): https://git-fork.com

I use it for some git operations when I would be slower on the command line, and I can highly recommend it. The UI is very polished! Bonus: I can open it from the command line with a simple "fork" command.

Thanks! I will try that over SourceTree! Do you know how it compares? Especially with other clients like Kraken / Tower?

You should also give Sublime Merge a go. I'm mostly a CLI git user, but Sublime Merge is so lightweight (and intuitive to someone who knows git), it's had me using it quite a bit.

I haven't really used any of the other clients long enough to give you a solid answer.

For me, Fork just works, I can scroll through the commits easily, file trees are available as a tab for each commit. The UI is very easy to use and discoverable, that's why I like it.

That looks really good! Thanks for sharing it.

I don't think that freeware is really a part of the Apple Developer ecosystem. Most of the MacOS exclusive software I use on a daily basis costs $20-$30, a price I'm more than willing to pay for software like Pixelmator, DaisyDisk and Alfred that is significantly more polished (and Mac-ish) then the average piece of open-source software just due to the resources available to them.

It used to be though. I think the freeware culture slowly moved away at 10.5 or so. Maybe that was accelerated by the app store release in 10.6.

Quicksilver, while at the time a terrible mess in terms of the code is basically the forefather of all these launchers.

Apple also removed a lot of the MacOS APIs that allowed you to mod system components (e.g. input managers) around the same time.

I think that's just because the software landscape matured in general. More people use apps, more developer make a real business out of it instead of tinkering in their free time. A few years ago people around me would look at me weirdly for paying for apps for a phone. Now it's normal that you pay for some apps and subscriptions on a monthly basis.

most of the things i use for development on windows/linux are open source by comparison whereas buying a macbook led me to spend 200 bucks on utilities. definitely feels like an apple tax

It’s a user experience tax, I think. Most utilities on a Mac are a pure joy to use, well-maintained, and integrate terrifically with the OS.

If you didn’t care about user experience (or didn’t think it was better) and just wanted to save money, why would you ever get a Mac anyway?

I disagree with this strongly. While it is the case in some instances, on macOS you often have to pay for the most basic of utilities, quality of life improvements, stuff like better window snapping and unarchivers etc. Things that are no worse on Linux. You even have to pay for a decent file manager on macOS and it usually still doesn't come close to Dolphin, which is a pure joy to use on Linux, while still being free software.

I think it's more to do with the (lack of) ideology when it comes to macOS developers, as in, they don't feel strongly about advancing free software etc. even if they grew up on it, they see software development as a job like any other, to make money from and nothing more. Am not saying it's an illegitimate view, but dressing it otherwise is I think not accurate.

This is exaggeration. You're overselling linux but underselling macOS. It's not terrific in every aspect (window snapping being one) but you don't have to pay for every basic utilities on mac. Finder is reasonable. Preview supports a lot of file formats and even allows PDF stitching (few platforms support this out of the box). Keka is a free unarchiver for macOS. Karabiner is a free tool for remapping keyboard keys. Homebrew. iTerm. IINA. Compared to Windows, macOS support a lot more out of the box.

> You even have to pay for a decent file manager on macOS and it usually still doesn't come close to Dolphin, which is a pure joy to use on Linux,

You're conflating expectations. A vast majority of people are using the file manager for basic stuff. Not everyone needs a feature packed one for day to day operations. If they need one, Commander One is free.

> (lack of) ideology when it comes to macOS developers, as in, they don't feel strongly about advancing free software etc.

This is cynical. I see plenty of developers on mac or developing for mac using it to contribute to open source projects. Just because it's not translating into free and open source consumer-facing projects on macOS does not imply that devs do not care about open source. In fact most of the important projects put instructions for developing on and for macOS first.

From what I've seen, people on macOS are mostly paying for software like BetterTouchTool, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, Hazel, Carbon Copy Cloner, Ulysses. Software which extends the core OS in a set of ways fitting a myriad set of needs - not for basic stuff. Few of these have convenient or easy to use alternatives on other platforms. People are paying for options, convenience and polish.

> You're overselling linux but underselling macOS.

I use both platforms daily and while I agree that macOS has more 'polish' in terms of being more uniform, I don't think am overselling that there are many tools on Linux for which I have to pay on macOS to get similar capabilities.

> You're conflating expectations. A vast majority of people are using the file manager for basic stuff.

Right and there are many basic file managers for Linux too, but there are also advanced ones that you don't have to pay for, which was my point.

> Finder is reasonable.

Agree to disagree.

> I see plenty of developers on mac or developing for mac using it to contribute to open source projects. Just because it's not translating into free and open source consumer-facing projects on macOS does not imply that devs do not care about open source.

Perhaps I worded this poorly, but I meant macOS developers as in Swift/ObjC/Cocoa, not developers in general who happen to be using a Mac. So yes, I meant those developing customer-facing software specific to the platform, not say webdevs on a Mac. There's many open-source libraries sure, but that's because of convenience. When it comes to customer-facing apps, it is nowhere near Linux level and given the many more devs on the platform that speaks for something.

> From what I've seen, people on macOS are mostly paying for software like BetterTouchTool, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, Hazel, Carbon Copy Cloner, Ulysses.

Right, and my point is that on Linux utilities akin to BetterSnapTool, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro tend to be free software and not particularly worse in terms of polish.

I see some convenience value in a tool like Ulysses, even if Org-mode could be used to achieve similar results, I don't see the value in utilities like BetterSnapTool and PDF Expert, since there's no extra polish that's not available on Linux as free software.

LauchBar created in 1996 for NeXT pre-dates both QuickSliver and Mac OS X. LaunchBar was one of the first utilities I installed on the OS X beta and originated the use of cmd-space as the launcher shortcut

I still use qs!

A few on here https://github.com/jaywcjlove/awesome-mac

I just like that Sequel Pro isn't electron based like so many dev tools are these days.

I share the feeling. I'd just like to add IINA [1] to the list, it's an excellent video player and I use it daily.

[1] https://iina.io/

I have used iina myself. I was very fond of smplayer in linux and windows and iina is very similar in a lot of ways. I like to drag forward with keyboard shortcut and iina/mpv does that well. VLC makes a screeching sound with each drag. And per file position reminder is fabulous for breaks in watching a media.

Unfortunately the last pre 1.0 was giving error from Cylance on libuchardet.0.dylib. Anyone has any idea on that?

Agreed! It also has youtube-dl built in so you can stream twitch/youtube videos in it pretty easily.

I'm way more inclined to use something on a daily basis that I pay for to be honest as this means I have some kind of influence on how long the project will be around that I incorporate in my workflow. At least a little bit more than if I use a free product.

I don't mind paying for quality software and I think a lot macOS users feel the same way.

To be fair, you can usually donate to free software as well, it's just that people seem to be less inclined to do so vs straight up paying for a proprietary one, sadly.

If you're talking strictly developer tools, I have GitUp and Hex Fiend in my Dock right now. If you stray out further into productivity tools, I have Hammerspoon, Jumpcut, Karabiner-Elements off the top of my head; on the command-line side MacPorts brings me many cross-platform tools.

I was going to mention macports. As an aside, I still don't understand why folks suddenly decided homebrew was "it", when macports already does the job so we'll.

Unclutter is also good for clipboard manager as well as taking a quick memo that doesn't get in the way.

cyberduck, iina, adium, notational velocity, divvy, hex fiend, keka, xee, unicodechecker, textual, …

That's just a subset of what I saw scanning my /Applications, and I don't specifically look out for replacing existing software with free (whether freedom or beer) applications.

Adium is basically abandoned and cyberduck has always been a clusterfuck by virtue of being a Java app. As such the UX is terrible. If I'd paid for either I'd want my money back.

Mac's third party app lineup is just so much better than Windows in my opinion, I don't care what OS to use but not going to leave Mac because of them.

Windows culture of free but mediocre or good but bloated and expensive never really hits the right spot.

> divvy, textual

Neither of these are freeware?

Projects like these should be celebrated with license fees.

I don't see many MacOS-specific developer tools in general. Command line tools are portable, at least between Unices, and often even beyond that. Going back to the MPW...

Nowadays even IDEs aren't platform-specific anymore, more often than not.

I would put GitX in the top of my list. Best Git GUI IMHO, and it’s the piece of software I miss the most when I’m on windows.

Another that comes to mind is Transmission.

macvim and macports come to mind. But I guess the "developer tools" space is pretty restricted anyway, most of it is editors and command line stuff (compilers, interpreters etc) which is often free in this era.

It hasn't been updated in a very long time. Constant crashes on Mojave. I have transitioned away to TablePlus and DataGrip. Too bad because it was a very good tool for quick edits.

I had a lot of trouble with Mojave and the crashing you are reporting is annoying. I’ve been using their test builds the past couple months with zero problems though.


+1 - use the test builds, they work and fixed all my problems.

That bug is so annoying. Push a release!

What bug specifically? What is the symptom?

Not sure which the parent was referring to, but everytime I close it, it crashes.

In my experience, it's specifically every time you try to disconnect from a server. (I have connections set up for dev and production for a small project, and I try to keep the production connection open only when I need it...but if I open it, I need to keep it open or it crashes the whole app.)

Will try the test build.

Are you sure it's not actively being fixed? I see active development on GitHub with many commits. Have you reported the issue on GitHub as the website suggests?

It was fixed several months ago, apparently, but the fix still hasn't been released outside of a test build yet. There have been multiple issues opened (and closed as duplicates) but this[0] seems to be the original.

[0] https://github.com/sequelpro/sequelpro/issues/3116

I too transitioned from Sequel Pro to TablePlus. Sequel Pro was buggy and wasn't supporting MySQL 8 properly.

TablePlus has been great.

I'm afraid SequelPro may be coming to a dead end without a real active development (night lies occur but no stable release in years without latest MySQL support.)


I tried out TablePlus, but at the time they were lacking user management.

With that recent addition, it's been able to completely replace Sequel Pro and Postico for Postgres management

Love DataGrip...was a big Sequel Pro fan until I started on a project with PostgreSQL and found DataGrip. Haven’t looked back. (I’m now using DataGrip for MySQL as well.)

Have you used Postico? I have both it and DataGrip but find myself primarily in Postico for Postgres, feels lighter weight and easier to navigate

Agreed that Postico is amazing. Totally worth the $40 or whatever it costs.

sadly neither postico nor tableplus can connect using an ssh certificate. this is becoming a big drawback in organisations switching to ssh certs instead of keys.

TablePlus definitely can connect using SSH certificate. I'm using it like that right now.

after pushing "over SSH" i see only importing a private key.

please note that i am talking about SSH certificate, not SSL certificate. https://ef.gy/hardening-ssh

You are right, I thought you were talking about using private keys.

Hey! I'm the author of TablePlus and let check it.

After a few months I couldn't stand the cluttered interface and generally I need to click twice more to achieve anything, I went back to SequelPro.

That's weird. I use it daily on Mojave and have had zero crashes.

Seconded: TablePlus

Some of what I can do in there feels like magic.

Use the nightly

The last thing I want to use when dealing with data is a nightly. Yes, I have backups; those are for rainy days, not my own recklessness.

FWIW I had the same reaction, then upgraded due to the Mojave crashes and discovered that the nightly doesn't update that often and is stable. It's been fine for months.

Same here. They really need to put out a release for it so people can auto update.

Yeah the crashes in Mojave were driving me crazy. Then to my surprise I tried the test build here and its way more stable and even has multiple filters, a feature I've been wanting for years. https://sequelpro.com/test-builds

What is the reason for them from releasing a stable for years? Feels like it's dead without uncovering GitHub activities.

I loved Sequel Pro and was disappointed when I switched companies and couldn't use it with Postgres. Plug: it's one of the reasons why I built PopSQL (https://popsql.io)

Out of curiosity, why did you build PopSQL from scratch? How many hours would you estimate it would take to generalize Sequel Pro to support PostgreSQL? The license even allows proprietary forks.

Would it be possible to have versioned downloads of this? I like pinning package versions so latest download doesn't cut it since it breaks the hashes.

sequel Pro is better then pgadmin for me, but pgadmin is very usable

Sequel Pro doesn't support PG though... Unless I have missed something? If you can tell me how to use it with PG I will be very happy :P

I'm personally a big fan of TablePlus: https://tableplus.io

I looked into Table Plus when I found that Sequel Pro crashes more than NASCAR on a Sunday. But it’s pricing model doesn’t work for the way I work. I’m just one person, but use multiple computers simultaneously, making per-computer licensing prohibitive.

Obviously phpMyAdmin is a tire fire.

I’m still looking for a good macOS-native client similar to Sequel Pro. Bonus points if it has a usable iPad version.

I use it on multiple computers - jsut not at the same time.

"If you want to use TablePlus on multiple devices you need to add more seats to your license. The number of seats is the number of devices you can log in to at the same time" https://tableplus.io/order/extend-seats

So I took that to mean that I can have it on multiple machines, I just can't use them at the same time - which is fine, I can use my laptop or desktop depending on where I am.

Thanks for the clarification. I'll have to take a second look at it, since I'll only use it on one machine at a time.

As for crashing, just use the test builds: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18937589

I'd rather use my time getting things done than constantly catching up with latest builds and patches. That's the reason I switched to a Mac.

SetApp might be good for you. Table Plus is in there and I'm sure you can have up to 3 machines in the default subscription

> I’m just one person, but use multiple computers simultaneously, making per-computer licensing prohibitive.

Ouch, that is a bit pricey for one person with multiple computers, especially if the annual upgrade fee is also per computer. It makes me wonder if the licensing is tied to the motherboard / MAC address too, which is a pain when repairs happen.

On the other hand, I'm really glad to see a developer charging a sustainable price for their product.

which is a pain when repairs happen => TablePlus has a license manager where you can remove your old device, manage your license. The TablePlus license is the onetime purchase, if you don't need any new feature, you don't need to renew it anyway.

I like TablePlus, but at $59/yr a license is ridiculous. Luckily the feature set isn't that much greater with a license, just minor annoyance on tabs which I've developed a habit of closing a tab as soon as I don't need it.

This is a perpetual (lifetime) license not yearly. You only need to pay if you want to upgrade. The price is not $59/year, the price is $29 to extend one year free of updates. I think without the tab limitation, you can be happier, more productive and earn more than $29/year.

Second this. I moved away from SequelPro about a year ago once the app started to crash occasionally. TablePlus isn't as feature rich but it's fast, uncluttered and pretty stable.

Me too. I like their “commit” feature and that it shows you every action you perform with a query and you can commit or remove each one before allying changes

You can see the SQL run through Log in SequelPro too.

But, the difference is that you can view SQL before submitting to the server.

SequelPro is amazing and I used it for many many years.

Now I’m using TablePlus which is a great paid client ($50 I think) and I love it.

I really hope in the new era, we can have paid open source tools with some bounties for important bug fixes and UX improvements.

That seems to be a very sustainable way to develop great software.

> SequelPro is amazing and I used it for many many years.


I inherited an old MySQL/Java system and SequelPro was invaluable to understanding how it worked and keeping it running. At least until I added a view to the schema, the export/import facility was also very effective at taking and restoring snapshots of the database state. I could connect it to production, pull down an exported SQL script and then restore exactly that state to another environment. (Including local.)

(And given that it ran in OSX, it also had a plausible subset of Emacs keybidings too. :-) )

I love SequelPro but I've been thinking about switching to TablePlus from SequelPro for quite some time since SequelPro isn't available on Windows / Linux.

Do you know how TablePlus clients compare on Windows and Mac? Been wondering since they're both built natively instead of using cross platform development like Electron.

This is my favorite DB tool, but unfortunately it doesn't support MySQL 8 — https://github.com/sequelpro/sequelpro/issues/2699

I ran into the same issue here too. They've fixed it in their nightly builds which I've found pretty useable: https://sequelpro.com/test-builds

As others have mentioned, it has not received much love recently from the developer. My guess is that it is due to the pricing model and accepting donations. I have donated $200 back in 2014 but I did not see many supporters back then and none now. There is no incentive for the developer to keep maintaining and enhancing the product. Everyone who used this tool in the past and liked itshould consider supporting it if not with money then with their time and knowledge on github.

Can they not just turn into subscription model for something like $10/mo or even $5/mo and get things done instead of floating with nightlies?

I'm sure people cry and scream for going paid but seeing this disappear with lack of recent MySQL version support and likely never support any other DB looks pretty sad too.

I thought they had released the new version... :( crashes on mojave are usual... I know they have fixed them in new builds, but I'm waiting for a stable release.

Such a great client!!!

Interesting... did something happen today that there are 3 posts for db clients at the top of HN?

It's a SQL client miracle !

And I'm guessing it was more than DBeaver became popular and everyone felt like it was worth getting some free traffic to help boost sales.

Doesn't everybody always up and downvote stories just so related ones are next to each other? It sure seems like it.

I thought you can't downvote a story but just ignore it.

Me and my colleagues have benefitted greatly from Sequel Pro over the years. Recent Mojave complaints aside it's been close to perfect. It's eye opening to think we have paid nothing. Maybe companies should look into implementing 1% turnover to OSS. I'm guessing having bi-annual company votes about how to distribute the funding, and communicating this in the recruitment process might offset some/all of the cost.

I have an up to date version running on an up to date macbook pro and it crashes every time I close a tab. Pretty annoying.

Hmmmmm, I'm curious, are you seeing the issue described at https://github.com/sequelpro/sequelpro/issues/3325 ?

I do to. The latest Beta build does not have this issue though.

Ditto. Tab issue in prod release, Not nightly. I love the app but it’s made me look for diff options. I close tabs all day, it’s a big bug in my head that should’ve forced an update. Otherwise monster fan.

Is this project still alive? they haven't had an official release since 2016 though the commit history shows some recent but unreleased work.

That coupled with a lack of other RDBMS support has forced me to transition to other tools like DataGrip.

I liked the DataGrip tour, but I don’t believe in subscribing to software. Any other recommendations?

Someone else in the comments said that Sequel Pro inspired them to make a Postgres compatible clone.

edit: oh I derped there. I didn't follow the link before I commented and once I did I noticed they're subscription based :\

Jetbrains give you a perpetual license. The subscription is for updates.


3 SQL GUI tools (Sequel Pro, Dbeaver, HeidiSQL) on the front page at the same time. Has this happened before?

And none of them Electron based!

You know, Electron is perfect for these use cases:

A table view, a tree view, few buttons, some dialogs.

Until you try to actually use more than demo data and need to resort to tricks to sort out unresponsive rendering.

I have no love for Electron. Still remember Active Desktop, MSHTML, XUL and Symbian Web Runtime.

As someone that does both native and Web fullstack, the place for Web technologies is on the browser, with approaches like PWAs.

Sequel Pro's query dialog grinds to a screeching halt on my 2018 model MBP when there is more than 1500 lines of text in the box.

Naturally being native does not sort out everything if not coded properly.

The difference being that native solutions have better tooling to handle such cases, one just needs to actually learn how to use them.

In a future where Worklets and WebComponents with virtual tables are a standard browser feature, similar approaches can be done in the browser as well.

Yea...because you totally forgot all the data loading and handeling that needs to be done in a performant way

The reason to use one of these is to not use a web app

Great product. Switched from MySQL workbench and it was amazing. Haven’t upgraded to Mojave though. Apple hasn’t been the same since they switched to one year OS release cycles.

Yep, just wanted to add that I haven't seen any of the crashes with Sequel Pro that others have mentioned. But I'm still on High Sierra with HFS+ file system though.

(Though I've since bought a Windows laptop & I haven't found a Sequel Pro equivalent for Windows yet.)

Not sure if it's feature equivalent but HeidiSQL was pretty good on Windows

Mojave was a really painless upgrade for me compared to previous upgrades.

MacOS High Sierra was the worst upgrade for me. The APFS update borked my laptop and they dropped support for the integrated raid card from my 2010 Mac Pro.

Sequel Pro crashes when you close a tab in Mojave.

I had this problem as well, but I just tested one of the Test builds as suggested above, and the problem disappeared. So I highly recommend trying that :).

I find it easier to just not close tabs.

Exactly my thought

I used and loved Sequel Pro for years, but interface limitations and crashes finally set me off looking for a replacement after some stressful production debugging sessions.

After trying a few like MySQL Workbench and Navicat, I landed on Querious and haven't looked back since. It's not free in either sense of the word but well worth the ~$50 USD license IMO.

Interface-wise I found it to be easier/more familiar to switch to from Sequel Pro, as compared to some of the alternatives mentioned above - more on the light and nimble side, less on the heavy interface enterprisey-feeling side if that makes sense.

It's Mac native, performant, and very stable. Some very basic features that felt like a big upgrade from Sequel Pro:

- Arbitrary WHERE clause support in the data view, so you don't need to switch to a full manual query as soon as you need slightly more complex conditions

- Multiple query tabs - I used to spawn multiple Sequel Pro instances because this was so hard to live without. There's also good management of query history and saved queries.

- Robust and performant import/export tools

No affiliation with the developer, just wanted to give a shout-out to a high quality piece of software that I've really appreciated using.

I was looking to see if anybody mentioned Querious.

It’s a wonderful Mac app. I love the interface. And yes the WHERE clause in the view is amazing.

I tried it years ago but is this still being developed actively?

Yes it is. They just released an update as recently as December.

This is a really nicely done client.

I've mainly used it from a "let's go in and see what's going on in the database" perspective, and it's been great for that.

I wish I had the same thing for Oracle and sql server.

It crashes on Mojave, but only when closing it so it's more an annoyance than a problem (and the fix is in the works).

It is nice it is true. But some time ago SequelPro was crashed on my Mac. Since then I moved to TablePluse. It is much more convinent for me. Contain everyting what I need and I can use for manage another types of database (Redis, Postgres, Mongo..). I highly recomend TablePlus.

Is it open source as well?

Unfortunately not. But it is worth the price. You can try with free version but it is limited.

This is a nice client.

I had used Navicat for years on my old iMac, but when I got my new MacBook Pro as my secondary development machine and went to get another licence for it, I was shocked at the current pricing. I am certain I only paid about $50 for a licence years back. When I downloaded the latest version it was something like 25x the price!!

Don't get me wrong - Navicat is a great MySQL/MariaDB client, but I wasn't going to stretch to that price. I hunted around and found Sequel Pro, which meets my needs to a 't' and probably has a slicker interface.

It has the best application icon ever. Just everything is right about it.

So glad they haven't changed it, beautiful execution and the humor of it has made it instantly memorable even for a product that has a completely generic (but clear) name, googling "sql pancake icon" even gets you to the product.

This is how you brand something.

Sequel Pro is by far the best SQL client I've ever used. It's really sad that it's available only for Mac. It's the only app I miss after having moved to Linux.

After a brief period working with macOS, I missed Sequel Pro when moving back to Linux. In the end I wrote Sequel Joe:


Still, it's light years behind Sequel Pro in terms of features/completeness/quality and probably always will be :)

Seriously grateful for the app, I’ve used it (and maybe taken it for granted) for years. Does what it says on the tin.

This looks amazing, and I wish I had something similar for Postgres (which is what I use for my own projects). Kudos!

Check out Postico https://eggerapps.at/postico/

Sequel Pro is the single app that makes me come back to OSX every now and then to work with my databases. This app for Linux would be so great. The official Oracle MySQL application for Linux is so unstable, it's mostly unusable for large databases. Never experienced such problems with Sequel.

It's ok. I mean, it's great that you put in all this time to give it away for free, but this is not where open source shines. This is lightyears behind professional SQL clients like SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - even compared to what SSMS was 10 years ago!

Can't comment on Sequel Pro yet, but even SSMS is in need of improvement.

It's a paid and rather expensive product but I've used Navicat happily for something like ten years.

The latest release was a rewrite and they're still sorting out problems but every incremental update brings it closer to how great the previous version was.

I used to love Navicat and have a copy but the UI was so unbearably slow, the only thing I use it for is user permissions. Maybe it's only on OS X, but the app was completely unusable compared to something like SQL Pro and I realized I was only using it because I had paid for it and it should have been not only usable but better. It really isn't. The UI slowness is so bad, the team that maintains it should be ashamed of themselves, especially for charging money. It's a native app after all! They can't even blame electron or whatever fw of the day for this, afaik.

It's a great program and I have used it for years. I highly recommend it to everyone and the developers have done a great job. Currently it has a small bug which can be bit annoying where it crashes when opening and closing connections.

Sequel Pro is one of the few reasons why I used to be really, really envious about Mac users, as a Linux user (now I don't work with MySQL anymore). I've never seen any SQL GUI even come close.

I put up with mySQL workbench, its java based, clunky and unstable but very well featured.

Honestly, I really enjoyed using Sequel Pro but I __had__ to switch to DBeaver because it constantly kept crashing for me. Maybe I'll have to give it another shot.

Been using this for years now. Im hooked to it. That simplicity and functionality. Wow!!! Way better than than MySQL Workbench for most of the daily needs.

It's my favorite MySQL/MariaDB GUI. I have to build by myself to use with the latest commit for a long time.

Have been using this one for years. A rare for a mac only app being leaps better than non-mac apps for similar use.

Great GUI for the DB! Far better than softwares like MySQL Workbench! It's simple and people totally like it!

FYI, doesn't play nice with exporting/importing virtual columns. Had to switch to MySqlWorkBench.

Thank you for reminding me to appreciate this tool I've been using for years, just donated!

Which crashes every time you close a tab... Otherwise it's an awesome mysql client.

Great tool, would be nice to have INSERT / UPDATE table sql script generator.

Great app even though it crashes every time I close a window on Mojave.

I have the exact same issue with MySQL Workbench. Since upgrading to Mojave, lots of Workbench is just unstable. Probably crashes 6-8 times a day. I spend most of time in CLI now since it doesn't crash. It has helped me understand the SQL much better since I have to bang it out rather than just "confirming" what the UI decided to do for me.

I used Sequel Pro for years but just recently switched to Querious.

Is this DB GUI day on HN? :) 3 clients on the front page is amusing.

Hasn’t been updated in forever, has me very concerned.

Great tool I have been using for many years!

This is a great tool, I use it every day


Finally, a tutorial on how to use Google. I've always been looking for one.

Nobody said it was a secret?


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