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Characterizing all grievances against Electron as a religious dispute not based in fact is a sweeping, broad characterization of a group of people, and substantially inaccurate. That's what people object to about the README statement.

> What if I am religiously opposed to using Electron for any and all purposes?

> Then you are not the target audience of this program. See mps-youtube (link above) for a similar program that will not taint your machine with a library you happen to dislike.

> On an unrelated note, highly polarized opinions about languages and frameworks are characteristic of people who lack real-world programming experience and are more interested in building an identity than creating computer programs.

The phrasing of the question is unnecessarily offensive, but whatever. The Q and A stands alone just fine. They really didn't need that second paragraph jab at Electron-dislikers to make their opinion of such people clear.

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