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>Another option is to keep living in the 00s and maintain a home music library. You ensure no songs will disappear from your library without notice, which is good. The bad thing is you are more isolated. There's no easy way to access your library in other devices, there's no easy way to integrate a personal library with a cloud service, and there's no easy way to share your experiences with friends in the same way you can do it with Spotify.

I have ~40k songs uploaded and available to stream for free anywhere with google music. I'm still the kinda of crazy that maintains my own collection locally and it stays sync'd automatically. It also serves as a free offsite backup. Agreed that there is no easy way to share but I have vastly different musical tastes from my friends so that's never been an issue for me, though for a lot of people it might be a negative.

I used Google Music until recently, just to unify the cloud library with my personal library. The problem was how atrocious the Google Music player is. It's a joke compared to Spotify, or to any desktop app.

Does Spotify let you merge your personal library with their cloud library? I used to use Google Music but I switched to Apple Music when they allowed you to have a hybrid library.

You can have a local library in Spotify, but it isn't synced. Google Music allows you to upload your own songs and play them on all devices.

Ah okay. Apple Music works the way Google Music does.

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