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You may be interested in soulseek[0]. I use it to search for more obscure music and the results include the bitrate/format. There's also a watchlist function in case you can't find something so you can keep searching in the background. Afterwards I use beets[1] to autotag everything with musicbrains and move it to my library folder, and it usually works. The downside is it isn't a streaming service so you have to find some way to listen remotely. I use Plex[2] for this and haven't had any issues. Also since it's P2P there's a general expectation that you also share things with other people, so you'd have to be prepared for that.

[0] https://www.slsknet.org/news/

[1] https://github.com/beetbox/beets

[2] https://www.plex.tv/

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