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> There are legitimate technical grievances with Electron, but how many time must those be expressed?

Every time until it's no longer used. JavaScript delenda est:


> And QT, a popular window toolkit, is quite expensive unless you release your software under GPL

'Doc, it hurts unless I do this.'

Then do that! Don't be a software hoarder.

> Also, a single maintainer does not have time to work on three or more window toolkits for their app (Windows Forms, Cocoa, and GTK).

As I mentioned elsethread, X11 & POSIX are supported on Windows, macOS, Linux & the BSDs. Just write against that, and you're done.

I'll take an Electron app on Windows any day over one that has to utilize an X11/POSIX layer to run. In fact I'm not aware of any widely utilized software on Windows that relies on the stack you're advocating for.

I don't believe Qt on Windows uses or requires X11 in any way; grandfather commenter is just confused.

It also isn't GPL-encumbered.

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