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Building quickly is rarely a good sign about the quality of the thing that is built. I think a better pitch for electron is simply consistency across platforms, albeit the lowest common denominator sort: slack is pretty terrible on all platforms, but equally so.

What specifically is terrible about slack across the platforms? I actually like it and I like having it run as a separate app so I can quickly hot-tab swap to it. It's also better than all the other legacy Group chat apps it's replaced like Jabber (which is native as far as I can tell), MS Messenger, etc...

Compared to what? Compared to no chat app, slack is amazing. Compared to any commodity chat app, it’s a commodity chat app. The main pitch is that you can just throw money at it and not maintain it.

Could have been gchat if google had any clue how people work outside google. Instead they’re trying to write my emails for me.

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