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I love this, it's so simple (at least the idea is) yet nobody has done this. (as far as I know). I use Popcorn Time almost daily and spent 60 700 minutes in 2018 listening to Spotify, so it's safe to say I need my music, yet to me 120 Euros a year is 120 spent elsewhere or saved. I already have a VPN subscription for Popcorn Time so this is really wonderful.

There was at one point an app that did something similar (I can't recall the name), except it used YouTube instead of torrents which made it pretty useless for me as I find 128kbps playback rate to be quite terrible.

"It's too late now to be Stripe, but there's plenty still broken in the world, if you know how to see it." (even if it is of dubious legality)

edit: nvm all that, got fooled by the title. This does not work with torrents but with free music streaming services, which will clearly be inferior to most premium services like Spotify, guess I'm starting another new side-project...

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