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> On the other hand, maybe so much peer rejection means something...

Only if the conclusion was arrived at independently and wasn't a product of groupthink. Software development is extremely prone to groupthink and exaggerated dogmatic thinking (blind hatred for PHP (and Javascript up until SPAs became a thing), religious wars over linux/mac, your text editor of choice, language of choice, OOP vs FP and so on). Often an idea catches on and suddenly a large percentage of vocal developers are all echoing the same sentiment.

Electron is a memory hog and a weird platform given it ships with so much overhead, sure. But it's fast to develop on, and with modern machines you can run multiple electron apps at the same time. There's just no viable alternative - building a cross platform desktop app without it requires going back in time 20 years and having to learn a bunch of complicated nonsense about memory management and object lifecycles (and I'm saying this as someone who knows said nonsense fairly well) just to draw some buttons on a screen. And all that effort for 1/10th of the UI flexibility that HTML/CSS/JS affords you.

In other words, electron is OK because the alternatives suck. That doesn't mean it's good but it's the best of a terrible bunch.

I agree. Also I wish QML+Python shared some of the hype

honestly, I would be happy with a platform that compiles HTML+CSS+JS down to a binary using something like Qt so you don't need to ship 2 huge engines to support it. I can imagine that's a lot of work though unless you were to exclude a large % of HTML+CSS functionality.

learning a second layout system just for desktop apps is going to be a bit of a hurdle for gaining dev enthusiasm.

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