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I always assumed the use of electron stemmed from that same lack of real-world experience and a willingness to build an app at any cost despite not fully understanding the implications of the work being done.

The attitude this person portrays seems to fit in line with that. Defending your position with arrogance and irritation shows everyone a great deal about you.

I'll go ahead and lump myself in with the rest of the group that remains thoroughly unimpressed.

BUT Electron make creating easy for many people and there are some great, yes I said GREAT Electron apps:

Visual Studio Code is amazing. I started using VIM on my Amiga 500. I use VS Code 90% of the time now.

RStudio is and was life changing for programming R

I use Discord everyday and use it as a real time Reddit for many non-gaming communities.

A lot of devs these days are laissez-faire with performance concerns.

When your dev machine has 16gb RAM and at least a quad core processor, you're not exactly going to be benchmarking how well you manage memory space or complexity of execution.

And webdevs develop against local giganet or similar — a lot of devs simply don't see the poor experience their app creates on users with fewer resources or with more than one application running at a time.

People use electron because it has a lower time barrier to entry and it works and looks the way you want it to across all platforms.

Time saving is a huge factor in why apps are developed. There is always a balance between performance/resource usage and development time.

I understand why people use electron, it's just such a disappointing choice.

Your talk of balance is ironic considering the subject. It's absurd that a single blank window with no content should spawn multiple processes and consume over 100mb of memory before any logic has been added. Demanding better would almost certainly be met with calls of selfishness so I'll settle with contempt.

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