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> High-and-mighty types like this are exactly why working in IT or contributing to FLOSS is so draining at times.

Interesting, that's exactly what I'd say about your comment...

The way I interpret the author's point is, with a lot of real-world programming/engineering experience also comes the appreciation of tradeoffs and priorities. Like, people don't use Electron because it's well-designed or efficient, but because it allows you to quickly and easily create new software that mostly works mostly everywhere. If you can come up with a better alternative, or substantially improve Electron, you should definitely do it!

I agree, there is a loud minority who religiously criticize Electron while most desktop apps get written in it. The same was also true for Java applets.

Electron made many trade-offs indeed but writing "this is electron based so I'll not use it" and "great idea but unfortunately built with Electron, so I closed the tab" kind of comments on every bloody HN thread is extremely tiring.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the criticism is without merit... Like, I still don't run the standalone Slack app (on my desktop) and only run the browser version, because, like, why would I run two browsers?! (I'd make an exception for a really useful app like I make an exception for Java with IntelliJ's IDEs). But on the other hand, I also understand the author's point of view, and I definitely wouldn't berate him for it.

> I agree, there is a loud minority who religiously criticize Electron while most desktop apps get written in it.

Current GUI programs running on my computers:

- StumpWM :: not Electron

- emacs :: not Electron

- Firefox :: not Electron

- st :: not Electron

- Chromium :: not Electron

- dunst :: not Electron

- redshift :: not Electron

- xautolock :: not Electron

- nm-applet :: not Electron

From my own perspective, 'most desktop apps' are not written in Electron.

> - Chromium :: not Electron

Can't tell if this is a joke or not.

I meant basic GUI apps written in the last few years.

Running on macOS, I have a dozen or so native Cocoa applications written in the last few years.

Electron is like Flash of yore -- it's a giant "hack me" sign on your computer.

Performance issues aside, Electron, to my knowledge, is nothing like Flash in terms of security. There have been only a few security bugs in Electron itself, while Flash was riddled with them.

Electron is an implementation detail of native apps you install on your PC.

Flash was a browser plugin allowed to run by default.

How are they even REMOTELY similar?!

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