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Show HN: D3D11 Port of Advanced Visualization Studio for Winamp (github.com/const-me)
4 points by Const-me on Jan 16, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

I have not used any frameworks or game engines, just Direct3D 11 and a few libraries like DXTK and GTEngine. Here’s a complete list: https://github.com/Const-me/vis_avs_dx/blob/master/legal.txt

Because it’s Direct3D, the compatibility is good, runs fine inside VMWare, I’ve also tested on a couple of Windows laptops I have here. Not achievable with OpenGL: https://github.com/Const-me/GL3Windows#building-and-running

See also “Interesting Pieces” section of the readme on the front page of the repository. The project contains quite a lot of interesting stuff: compiler of a custom language, GPU profiler, etc.

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