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looks very nice.

1) When browsing lists I like the spacing and big font, but I would also like to see all books without having to scroll. Like an easy way to take the list in.

2) Add more ways to login, maybe including your own system.

3) This might be a cheesy idea, but is there anyway you can theme book lists based on their topic/category. For some reason I think the layout of scifi fiction list could/should be different than a list of Perl books. Btw, when I say theme I just mean general layout stuff, not like MySpace animated gif theme.

I'm totally adding animated gifs :-p

1) Hmm - I'm not sure how this would work but an interesting idea. I'll have a think about how to do this.

2) On my roadmap. See my comment below for more detail.

3) This is also on my roadmap! I'm going to run themed weeks where I get people to create lists on a specific topic (e.g. scifi) and then after the week aggregate all the lists on a special sci-fi page. Hopefully in time this will build a really good topic/genre resource while still having some editorial control to weed out poor lists.

Thanks a lot for your thoughts :)

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