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Show HN: A tool that helps you focus on startup metrics that matter (unubo.com)
91 points by obunu on Jan 15, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 28 comments

Put up an example board of all the metrics that a user will see prior to them needing to sign-up.

I'm not sure if the design is an all or nothing approach - meaning PH, Stripe, and GA are required, but if there is the ability to position the metric views on boards, having an example for users to look at or even themes based on type of products would be interesting.

Good feedback, letting people see the board beforehand - thank you.

It would be crazy cool if the "Example board" had the real data for your company.

If we could track your progress using the tool you are selling it makes it really fun to root for you!

I know that is really difficult information to give out though, especially when one of the numbers isn't what you would want to advertise.

Am I seeing this right? They're selling insights into your data, but providing no examples or previews of how that data might be visualized? If thats the case and its not just my browser acting up, Im not going put time and effort into running a trial.

If the team is reading along: You have to make me SEE some actual value output here. Time is precious.

Who are you referring to when you say "They're" in relation to the selling of data. Just to clarify either way, we will never sell any kind of data. This is something we take very seriously.

Otherwise, the feedback on seeing an example is valid and noted. Thanks for taking the time!

They are referring to your company, and the "selling" being what you are selling to your customer - aka - your product.

Thanks for clarifying. It's been a long day.

Just to clarify, I never said you sell data. I said you sell insights.

Got it. Again, thanks for the feedback.

Interestingly, they show a capture of a "bad" dashboard on their "About us" page that IMO displays way more useful information than what their product can offer as of today:


Sure it's not Material design, but who cares?

What we're doing is stripping everything, then only adding the immediate things we want to see, in a way that's glanceable. To each their own, some want tons of information, we don't.

I hope the founding team doesn't mind some feedback here. The launch stage doesn't offer much value because it doesn't provide anything actionable to help "amplify" the launch. It would be great for example if you had a unified inbox feature where all social media mentions and blogs are dumped and sorted by importance so you can reply to them quickly and efficiently. You only have a small window to work with when you launch and being passive (watching signups, pages views, etc) is probably not the best way to make the most of it.

As for the other three stages, they are very Stripe heavy. If I don't have Stripe, then I can't use your product and if I had stripe I'd probably start looking at other solutions as well like Baremetrics (which by the way has a great example/demo board as someone suggested).

Hi there, don't mind feedback at all. I think it's implied by posting here. Thanks first of all, for this well considered feedback.

This marks our starting point, so yes. At the moment, the Launch view serves as a place, that unifies the things you check during a Product Hunt launch, nothing more.

Many people use Product Hunt, many people use Stripe, so we started there. The way we've set things up however, is entirely flexible, so as long as useful data is exposed via API, there's something we can do with it.

So, now we've launched, and then the real work begins. We'll listen to all feedback, and then see what views and integrations to work on next.

We can implement new views quite quickly, so watch this space. If you want to stay in touch with what we're doing, feel free to join us on Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE9hRjYlBpzqRr7FyA

Again, thanks for your feedback, it's appreciated.

Leandro here, co-founder of Unubo.

We created Unubo to provide more cohesion between all of the online services we use - mostly in silos, switching from one tool to the other.

In a nutshell, it brings together your data from places like Stripe and Google Analytics, to help you make sense of what's happening in your startup.

Here for questions and feedback.

Just a heads up on the site itself -- the height/width/clipping of your .header-background is glitching in Chrome for me so everything in the content body is blurry. Looks nice when i disable that element!

Appreciate the heads up, thank you! We'll look into this.

It’s missing customer acquisition cost, this is pretty important imo because it gives you a framework to measure and explore ways to improve it.

If the data we need to calculate it is exposed, and there is a demand, then this is something we can add.

Good feedback, thank you.

Kind of weird that upvotes and comments on Product Hunt are the first listed metrics. I guess Twitter/Reddit/Facebook/etc. should be listed too? Or is that to please the crowd for the Product Hunt launch :) ?

For the Launch view we used Product Hunt as a starting point, and yes of course we're targeting it specifically to PH. Our platform is very flexible, so if enough people request particular integrations, we'll add it.

10 day trials are rare, what made you choose 10 days?

Looks cool, will check it out.

Just a gut feeling. 7 kind of felt too short, and 14-30 a bit too long. We feel that you'll experience the benefit in 10 days. We can always adjust if needs be.

Too long by what metric? Personally, I dislike short trials. If I get distracted by something more important before I have time to fully investigate the product, I'm likely to just forget about it when the trial prematurely ends.

We have an API product and thought about this a lot. The 7 day trial does not work great as the users require to learn about the API / test calls etc.

Currently thinking about having a 7 day trial that starts ticking after say 10 successful API calls. Do you think that is a good compromise?

I don't think this solves the problem of people getting distracted. If I make 10 API calls and then get called away to do Super Important Thing for the next 6 days, I'm probably pretty likely to give up on a service if my trial period is reduced to 1 day.

Have you thought about N API calls for a trial? That's what I've used for API-first products in the past that worked pretty well for me.

No metric, again just gut feel. Overly long trials can also fall by the wayside. We don't particularly want a long sales cycle, but if near end of the trial, when you inevitable will hear from us, you'll know if you need more time or not.

Startups are an experiment after all, so let's see what works.

My thought for shorter trials: If something more important derailed the trial then the product isn’t solving a problem with enough urgency for you and you were unlikely to convert.

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