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Kind of tangential, but the title and premise reminded me of an earlier x86 SMP platform: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequent_Computer_Systems#Symme...

Sequent was awesome, but damn if I didn't hate their OS's, they reminded me too much of Domain/OS. They were acquired by IBM a while back, and their HQ is now Nike. The OSDL was based in one of the old Sequent data centers for a while, and it managed to bring on a few Sequent kernel developers to help remove kernel locks throughout linux.

I worked in a lab at school. Between dodging dinosaurs and other hazards of that era, we had a Windows NT 3.51 machine with, I think, 4 CPUs, though it might have been 8 or 16, and I seem to recall EISA.

A glorious time. That machine was incredible and also rock solid.

Before they went with x86, their earlier Balance series was NS32000-based. Back in the day, UIUC had a Balance 8000 with six CPUs, and it did a vastly better job of handling lots of CS students than the Pyramid 90x in the same room.

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