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As a musician, I enjoy learning about people joyfully singing and the hacks created to help that. However, since it's a cultural piece, and the author states in the header: 'Join us on a visit to the Georgia State Sacred Harp Singing Convention. It might challenge a few of your assumptions about the South.' then I have an issue.

This challenges no assumptions I might have about the south. This is so exclusively white that it is immediately notable. Look at the pictures, and then disagree with me. There may be one nonlilywhite face, and even that might be an artefact of lighting. I am a white european, but I have heard a lot of the history of church music in the south, and almost all of that has been about spiritual and blues and gospel-originating music. Yes, this music culture perhaps originated mostly in the notoriously segregated Baptist church, but that's not a reason. My assumotions about the south, and christian fellowship across race, are intact. I'm glad to hear more music, but I'm very sad that this has not led to closer relations, equal before whatever deity or principles you might have.

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