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I'm 18 lol, super confused and trying to gain something from older people. However, they always seem to say the same thing, and it's mostly just common sense, along the lines of stay in school and work harder. I guess I could say the same about my high school years, but I feel like I've heard the advice on this site a thousand times over.

I could give a lot of concrete advice to my 18 year old self. But, I don't think a lot of the advice I'd give my 18 year old self would apply to much of anyone else. (Get a side part haircut, you'll look better. Your mom wasn't right about a lot but that haircut you got as a five year old worked. Stop wearing baggy hoodies - you look stupid. Wear better fitting jeans and shirts, it'll take some effort to find ones that fit. Fix your acne, go to a dermatologist 3 years ago. etc... It's not all looks related but I needed a lot of help.)

I think that's why you hear so much of "work hard and stay in school." People are trying to be as broad as humanly possible to appeal to as wide of a net as they can.

The real worthwhile advice isn’t as easy as one liners and some things are really hard to make people understand without experience.

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