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Sure, they aren’t stealing to supply their own business but to supply their partying. Apparently there’s some trick involved in selecting a dealer who offers a variety of options, not just one substance. They cache one or more of each in an area, so you buy a mid size quantity of something and the surrounding block probably has 5x as much plus other things... because the dealers are humans, they develop patterns of drop locations. Once these guys learn the pattern, they know where to look.

The drops get ripped so frequently there is a process for handling a drop that has been unloaded before the customer get there. The customer has to supply pictures of the drop location and the empty drop, then the dealer will send them to another place. Dead drops provide some security, but they’re a trade off.

I think the Gary Cooper videos are massively underrated for security principles. He explains how the adversary operates, how they think, and what their capabilities are, then based on that he distills core security strategies to exploit their operational limitations and mitigate their capabilities.

This is really great stuff for understanding how to counteract a threat, how to do proper counterintelligence analysis and apply it for security. The problem is that people see these as “stoner videos” rather than “the design and implementation of counter law enforcement techniques, by a former cop.” There is a lot to be learned, both from general security principles (such as compartmentation, cover, and concealment) But also how to analyze an adversary and develop a plan to mitigate their capabilities.

I was going to do a write up them years ago but someone scooped me by seeing my recommendation and then doing a (crappy) writeup before me. Just one of the things that killed my enthusiasm for sharing recommendations. But, I should do a write up. For a counterintelligence analysis they are sublime.

> But, I should do a write up.

That would be very useful. Some people love videos. I don't. I'd rather read something that's concise and organized.

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