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Datapoint: an ex of mine is from a family which did this at the insistence of her mother. Her dad got a job in Bangladesh and that’s how they left Washington DC. They were only there for a few years, but followed it with a few in Paris and a few in Kenya (and in her case, a few in NI and England).

Yes, this adventure started in the mid-90s and lots has changed since then, and yes both parents have degrees; but if you’re going to take your family around the world, it’s not your currrent pay that matters, it’s what you’re offered in the place you’re going to.

Unless, of course, you can keep your current pay by working remote for a Bay Area company and move to Cheapsville, McFlyoverState for a few years and save enough to do whatever you want.

If you can work remotely, then you can save up while exploring the capital cities of any $-poor nation instead of wasting good years in the overlooked areas of a rich one.

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