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This reminds me very much of the video How To Age Gracefully [1].

One thing I think is missing is a "From: a x year old" for each bit of advice. I think the advice to someone in their 20's would be quite different coming from someone in their 30's vs 70's, and that in itself could be very interesting.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sycgL3Qg_Ak 4m40s

Interesting video. Some advice seems person-specific over age-specific, as in, I wouldn't be surprised to hear them give the same advice five years prior or hence.

One area where I think future advice can be most helpful is in preventing hard-to-reverse mistakes. 18F's data release for college completion rates, employment rates, etc in 2012 may have helped people avoid bad decisions[0]. Another example could be increased wariness of using a drug after hearing personal stories of people trying to quit. Using the recently shared visualization of related subreddits[1] and looking at the "/r/askdrugs" graph, one can see Kratom and quittingkratom, phenibut and quitting phenibut, benzodiazapines and quittingbenzos, opiates and quittingopiates.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_Scorecard

[1] https://anvaka.github.io/sayit/?query=askdrugs

>One thing I think is missing is a "From: a x year old" for each bit of advice

Each piece of advice has a little person icon with a number next to it. That's the age of the person that gave that advice.

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