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I clicked on a few ages and saw advice from someone that was the exact age. To me, those are pointless in this context. Maybe restrict posting to posters that are >= 10 years older than the age?

10 years is too much. I'm 26 and am busting my ass to get a good GRE score, because I didn't care about GPA in college because I thought I'd never want to go to grad school. Left a comment for 18 years old to take college seriously.

Hey 26 year old, save yourself the $50,000+ and skip grad school. The work experience you can get instead is far more valuable.

Maybe. Just using 10 as an example. However, in 5 to 10 more years, you may have a clearer view of what you went through and why you made the choices you did. It sounds like you are still going through it and while I may agree with your perspective, I wouldn't put it in the same category of thoughts as those that have had time to marinate on the other side of the events.

Did you agree with the advice?

Doesn't matter

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