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Why do you think so?

Its the opposite lens of most the other advice. The others look at the mid 20s as a time to have fun, quit jobs you don't like, etc. This advice is purely fiscal - you earn in a prime position to earn money, so maximize that value while you can. All the advice agrees the mid 20s is a prime, but 80% is prime for fun/living while this one is prime for money.

Still good advice, just a funny juxtaposition.

Also that's only true for a narrow subset of people working in "rockstar" industries where the career decline is sharp after 30. Footballers, pop stars, models, some programmers. Everyone else expects to make more as they get older. Some industries (e.g. acturaries, medical) have really long qualification processes so you will only reach full pay after 30.

It might be "peak savings opportunity because you don't have a family", but that's not at all the same thing.

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