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Some feedback:

1. Registration form is too long. Lower the barrier to entry. Maybe only ask for email and username? Or just email with a default username?

2. Try lazy registration so the flow is:

- click advice

- enter advice

- hit submit

- get asked to login/register

Hey thanks for the feedback. The registration form is a pain, I implemented SSO/oAuth with Google a few days ago in the hopes that more people would register.

Email and username is a good call, thanks. I had never thought about that kind of flow before, but that's interesting, encourage people to submit advice, then ask for registration. Think I might do that. Thanks!

Be careful. Soliciting user input and then holding it hostage is a use-hostile dark pattern that angers people.

Better to warn users that they must log in to contribute (why?), and to provide the sign-up and contribution in the same page.

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