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Amazing. I started this 10+ years ago, called WishIKnew. It was a project to learn Rails. I learned Rails, but never launched it.

Glad to see it's real - with curation, I think it could be hugely valuable. I'm 42 and wonder what people who were 50 or 60 would tell me they wished they knew at 42 as I don't have a lot of folks those ages in my life.

Thanks! I wanted to name it something similar but all the good domains were taken, so instead I settled for a veiled The Office reference.

Trying to get contributions from older generations is tough, but would likely provide the best advice. I need to find a few media sources to submit to that target this age group.

Where do old people hangout online? If my mom is any indication, Facebook and email.

I think getting advice is the hook to get people to the site. Once you get some valuable advice, the theory is that some of those people will be inclined to participate.

I'd think about this approach:

1. Seeding this with advice from people you trust. Don't even get them to register - just get the advice and input it yourself

2. Aggregate advice into posts e.g. "Top 10 lessons for peopel in their 40s from the future"

3. Share / pay to promote those posts on Facebook

4. Profit (?)

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