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A strong judiciary, high bar to change the law, and harsh accountability.

Still a fine line to walk.

People from more or less politically stable countries like the US are very naive in not considering what can happen to the best of governments overnight.

People from Europe have this sort of... experience. Most of us know that trusting the government with our lives is not a good idea.

If we’re gonna pull punches...

The US isn’t naive. In fact, it’s the opposite. It is a country that was so aware of the folly of government that it deliberately inhibited its own government by design. Because it knows damn well what happens when you relinquish control of yourself to another. That’s why the 2nd amendment is so fundamental.

The US doesn’t have to worry about things happening to the govt overnight, because the worry is built in. A successful model exits, it just needs to be followed...

> People from more or less politically stable countries like the US

I would have agreed with that assessment in the past but in the present I really can't.

Come on, if your country can handle _this_ president without collapsing immediately, your political system is really well designed!

Shall we wait until it is over before drawing conclusions? It's already gone downhill a lot further than I would have expected, the degree to which people are apparently willing to enable all this is f'ing scary.

The Patriot Act and Snowden's revelations show how quickly and drastically the government can misappropriate powers granted to it.

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