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It's not just the cops that will be surveilling a dead drop.

You don't think a heroin addict who couldn't come up with the money for their next buy isn't going to go check every dead drop they ever bought at on the off chance that there is something there?

I mean, just thinking of the old espionage meaning of dead drop, if you have dead drops or safe houses or secret meeting locations that you could only use once a year, to avoid patterns, then researching them would become tremendously expensive. A full time job, really, probably for several people (and someone in logistics managing them all). I can't see how that'd be much different for criminals, and how do you make a profit at that? At least in the espionage case, you would have been State sponsored. You don't have to make money.

great observations. but as for “how do you make a profit at that?” I’m pretty sure it gets priced into the (expensive) product. That premium might be too high for retail, then this gets used for lower frequency, higher quantity and higher trust transactions.

Good point, I haven't seen anyone else mention the addict angle other than you.

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