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So I know dang watches the content of comments to see if they’re up to the guidelines, but does dang also look at excessive downvotes? The comment here is greyed out, something that should only be reserved for highly offensive comments. Which this is not...

It isn't offensive (and probably is unfairly downvoted), but it shows a lack of research. The purpose of Haiku is an open source reimplementation of BeOS 5, so naturally the windowing UI looks just like BeOS [1]. There's a reason Haiku looks the way it does.

It's a bit of a stretch, but you could argue the comment goes against this guideline:

"Please don't post shallow dismissals, especially of other people's work. A good critical comment teaches us something."

[1] http://lowendmac.com/2001/user-interface-mac-vs-beos/

AFAIK voting is purely down to user's discretion, so sometimes you do see posts get hammered by the 'downvote = disagree' mob, but it doesn't happen that often.

Yes, I wonder why they down-vote my comment

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