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I really want more details about what the logic is doing! All I can find so far is the one blurry logic diagram

The logic diagram appears to contain two registers, an ALU, and some control logic. The ALU is bit-serial, judging by the width of the datapaths and the mudems connecting the two parts. I don't see memmory, so to call this a "computer" in the modern sense is stretching it a bit; this is a piece of one, but with a very interesting construction technique.

This comment helped me to get a better sense of what is and isn't happening within this project. I have to think it through a bit more, but wonder if given the right middleware, or by cheating a bit in the connections (using an arduino), you could setup a weaving device that utilized the khipu as storage, so the logic could record new sets of knots to a khipu...?

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