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Phantasie is fascinating as from my perspective an extraterrestrial alien could not think more differently.


If I ask you about the number of windows in your house (or parents/friends house) do you „just know“ the answer or do you imagine with an inner eye to visit each room and count virtually?

Can you imagine, like an inner mirror, the face of your parents or significant other?

I'll give my view: I can mentally count, but to the extent there's anything visual about it, it's more as if I'm reconstructing from a spatial memory rather than seeing anything. I can "force" a very vague outline, which is more constructed than remembered (I know where the bed is, so I can "force" myself to sort-of see an outline of a bed, but it will be a generic bed, not my bed until/unless I focus on explicitly go through the details of how my bed looks).

Same for faces. I'm badly out of practice when it comes to drawing, but I can draw objects and faces with a lot more detail than I can visualise them.

EDIT: Reading post, to him it certainly goes far further than for me. I absolutely do imagine things, just not visually. I can describe things verbally without having to remind myself of the words the way he describes, but I don't see them. Consider how a blind person might remember what you look like and be able to recall and describe it based on memories of having touched your face. A bit like that maybe, except without the touching your face part.

I certainly do dream with some degree of visualisation, though I can't remember any of that visually once I'm properly awake.

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