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Ask HN: How do you manage your stress?
8 points by raptorraver 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Mixed methods: ASMR listening, talking out loud my problems with someone I trust, going out for a walk.

I also go to the psychologist once every two weeks, I tried to avoid this but I realized that I can't do it without any help sometimes.

Commuting by bike everyday has been a huge help for me, feels amazing to move your legs after a day of sitting and forces your mind to focus on something else.

Commuting by bike has helped me lot too.

Also focusing more on the now then on future outcomes and past regrets has been a very effective way to reduce stress.

Stress comes also from having a huge todo list. Get psychologically stressing things done asap (ie giving someone bad news) to keep overall anxiety down and help focus on the now.

I plan fixed periods for training. Personally, running and swimming helps me a lot. I try to solve problems or difficult topics directly.

Bike commuting sounds amazing if it wouldn’t be a source of constant enormous additional “about to get maimed or killed by a motor vehicle operator” stress for the duration. (YMMV depending on location.)

I accomplish something similar by commuting on foot, though.

By foot is also nice and less stressful, I will say bike commuting gets easier as your confidence builds but as you say it's highly location dependent.

* Exercise

* Eating right

* Having company of great friends around.

* Reading some philosophy books, once in a while.

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