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Screening generally doesn't affect the fetus and can help make a decision about whether or not to do a more invasive test in the absence of other risk factors. Most screening is also before the timeframe that you're able to perform something like amniocentesis. Thinking PGD (for IVF), NIPT, NT ultrasound, serum screening, other such things...

I don't know a lot of people that refuse the noninvasive prenatal screening offered by California... even if you don't act on the information you receive.

Yes, screening is non-invasive (and also is not definitive), but is optional and some people refuse even non-invasive screening because nothing will change their mind about continuing the pregnancy "for as long as god intends it".

Your quotation marks seem like you disagree. There are other reasons not to do screening, for example not be faced with the decision to abort or not to abort. Here in Germany, at least in my circles, people tend to avoid such screenings not because of religiousness.

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