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[dupe] Netflix Chose a New Market Over Free Speech. That Sets a Disturbing Precedent (nytimes.com)
29 points by pseudolus 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

I think the disturbing precedent would be a large multinational US company disregarding the laws of a sovereign country. Then again, I guess that wouldn’t be “setting a precedent” after all.

As much as I disagree with the Saudi government, it is their right to make and enforce laws. Foreign companies wishing to operate there can’t only comply with laws that are in line with their own values.

Clickbait article.

This isn't the first. It's not a precedent being set by them. Countries all over the world censor the internet.

I don't see China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, etc. falling under anytime soon because Netflix will take a stand. They'll just get blocked like any other website. They know that too so they just don't bother and comply. Stupid article...

The article expresses an opinion you disagree with. I don't particularly agree with it either. That doesn't make it 'clickbait'.

There is no precedent and it’s not disturbing- sounds clickbait to me

It's an opinion piece in the opinion section. The author thinks the particulars are without precedent and finds them disturbing.

What precedent Apple has been doing it for years by not allowing apps chinese government disapproves off. Or most media companies censoring parts of movies according to the censor boards of the country they want to play on. Even some european shows/movies have had censored cuts in the US for rating purposes.

"By making the episode unavailable in Saudi Arabia, Netflix became complicit with the pervasive censorship that artists, entertainers, journalists and regular citizens have long had to deal with in the Middle East."

Netflix had seemed to be one of the few tech companies that could do no wrong of late. It's built a reputation as a place people want to work and can be proud they work. I wonder how a story like this affects employee retention and recruitment.

Were there reactions from Netflix employees?

TV networks in America routinely censor content too.

How does it set a disturbing precedent? Business has always pursued money over morality under a capitalist system.

Because it's borderline insanity. "I don't like your state's policy on x, so bye." Trying to bully entire governments is not cool.

So you'll make business with anybody? Where do you set the line?

Warner Brothers rewrote New Zealand's collective bargaining laws in 2010. It's pretty much expected, especially when conservatives govern

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