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Netflix Sued by Choose Your Own Adventure Over Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (theverge.com)
10 points by pseudolus 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

This has to be one of the most ill conceived lawsuits since SCO sued IBM. Not because Netflix have an IBM like legion of Nazgul as their legal team, but in this case because it's self-defeating. The popularity of Bandersnatch will probably do more to drive demand for CYOA books than anything Chooseco would ever have done. That mention of CYOA in Bandersnatch? That was free advertising.

And even if the argument is "Well, Chooseco was trying to get into interactive media as well" I think the exact same argument still holds. Bandersnatch is proving (helping build?) the market for this kind of stuff in general. It's success is paving the way for Chooseco to follow with their own CYOA branded interactive movies / tv-shows, if they want.

And never mind that they probably still could have negotiated a deal with Netflix eventually anyway.

Basically there's nothing good about this... it's just killing goodwill, harming a potential relationship, wasting money on lawyer's fees, and distracting them for, oh, I dunno, creating quality content?

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