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Curious if anyone finds this language pretty to look at, a lot of punctuation :/

http://cs.au.dk/~beta/doc/beta-intro/Quick-Reference-Card.ht... http://cs.au.dk/~beta/BETAbookExamples/BETAbookCode.html

    (# Heavy: ^Syntax; 
    --- there must be another way ---
    --- and use spaces ---

Only needs a few tweaks to be valid strict/warnings compliant Perl :)

  (# Heavy: ^Syntax; 
  do {
  ;sub NotBeautiful{};sub ToLookAt{}
  ;sub PleaseRemove{};sub AllThoseRandomCharacters{}

it does seem a little harsh on the eyes - especially relative to something like python.

that said, I've heard similar arguments about lack of beauty strongly typed languages ..especially in the mid 2000s when the pendulum seemed to be on opposite end of its swing.

sooo. I dunno - probably best to look at what kinds of things can be done with this tool effectively relative to other tools that could be used. I can do A LOT with my circular saw, but there are many cases where reciprocating saw is a better idea.

Edit: I used to write a lot of C code - and for the longest time turned up my nose at that "toy scripting language : javascript." Then a buddy who I respected set me straight in terms of it being a "real language" which coincided with the very early days of node.js. This also led me to dive into python .. after years of ignoring another guy who said it was pure joy. now I take a totally different view of languages that show up on the radar (although I'm still having a hard time grokking rust).

Thanks. I was traying to find an example of a program in the site, but I couldn't. Your second link was very useful.

I can say I don't find the example all that nice. That said, every language has its style guide — and its people who come up with a nicer style than the original team envisioned.

I don't know if this language could have a nicer style just because of the punctuation — it's everywhere! But still, it may be possible.

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