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“Supporting 32-bit time system calls after 2038” will serve future generations as an example of the lengths that developers are supposed to go to in order to ensure backwards compatibility, even in the face of apparent absurdity.

Alternately, it will serve as a joke about how scared everyone was of breaking things written with our primitive and brittle 21st century programming techniques.

Also, how "X" will always be enough. It May be sufficient for the foreseeabke future, but software engineers are horrible about underestimating how long the software we write will stick around.

Pretty sure I made some short sited decisions as an intern, and most of that code is approaching 20 years old, and I bet it hasnt been fixed or rewritten, because for the time being, it works.

When it comes to the kernel, "We don't break userspace" is explanation enough. Feel free to add swearwords in English or Finnish depending on how you think 68-year-old Linus will feel about the matter.

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