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I like to think what is JSON to Javascript is C to C++ (not capability wise). JSON and Javascript are completely, entirely different things even though JSON is technically a subset of Javascript (every valid JSON sentence is a valid Javascript sentence). C and C++ are extremely different languages -- mostly due to cultural reasons -- even though every valid C program is a valid C++ program (not strictly true, C and C++ diverged slightly, but you got the point). I, for example, write C-ish C++ and compile it with g++ but call it "C" because it's "nothing like C++" and "it's basically C with some extra keywords". I know this comment sounds absurd but C++, especially modern C++, is a very complicated beast with a complex ecosystem and culture attached to it. If you inherit a C program and add one C++ line and compile it with g++, even though it's "technically" C++ now, I really wouldn't call it C++. The way you solve problems in C and C++ are extremely different, and this matters.

Can I be pedantic? If I'm wrong someone will correct me and I'll learn something.

Json is not exactly a subset because it supports representation of numbers of any precision. JavaScript will convert to an IEEE 754. But it's up to a json deserializer to decide how many decimals to use. I think.

I mean sure, doesn't change my point (pedantically C isn't a subset of C++ either). That was just a metaphor.

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