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I still use YouCompleteMe and even standard ctags because they fill additional functionality that an LSP can't provide. In a big C++ project you'll have several different configurations that can be built, none of which touch all files. In that case the LSP can't give you completions and diagnostics for a file that isn't built, but YCM can often deal with it by compiling with include paths similar to surrounding files. So this way I can safely edit and browse files of other configurations. Similarly if you're building for different OSes, you have chunks of code behind #ifdef linux/WIN32/osx, so they just never get compiled and the only thing that can index e.g. structs defined within those ifdefs is good old dumb ctags. I strongly feel that the union of these different tools that operate at different levels of integration with the build system results in a much more comprehensive solution for real-world systems than would be possible with just one of them.

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