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I quit EvE a long time ago (2005-2010), and these stories remind me why the game got so stale. Meta-gaming mixed with betrayal is fun to write about, and is a great example of bugs becoming features, but being part of it isn't actually all that enjoyable. Its just something to do when you want to do something that has an effect on someone, because the game has no interesting challenges left to offer.

In the end game you can highsec carebear, or you can sit in a nullsec blob. WH space was a band aid trying to cover the fact that they ruined the risk/reward system between high/low/nullsec, but it was enjoyable none the less.

It was still a great game, and back when I played there was nothing like running around lowsec at -10, or just pulling security for small gang mining operations, or any other small group/solo stuff.

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