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I think all I'm saying is that they probably could have done this without EFF's public help, since, again, it's just a bogus DMCA takedown notice.

For however "high-profile" they are and however competent their lawyers are, this is a form letter, sent by someone who doesn't even know what Boing Boing is.

Right, but I think the point of the article is to admonish Bird for sending bogus DMCA take down notices. The EFF might be overkill, but it makes for a good story and generates more interest in the real story, which is that Bird is sending bogus takedown notices.

Your parent comment mentioned "one of your users" which I can only take as disingenuous since the full second sentence of Bird's letter to the mutants begins "Specifically, one of your users, Cory Doctorow, is promoting ...".

While perhaps some rando HN commenter can profess to not know what an "ESR" is (above, and sure ok fine, insert xkcd here), it doesn't seem likely that Bird doesn't know what a Boing Boing / Doctorow is. But even if they stamped out a boilerplate takedown with Linda Kwak's attestation that she has ".. a good faith belief, and do[es] solemnly and sincerely declare .." then it's on her, that's the rules of the DMCA takedown game, don't hate the players.

It seems far more likely that Bird knows full well what they were getting into here.

If you are reading this I urge you to go to eff.org and smash that donate button.

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