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Musicmap: Genealogy and History of Popular Music Genres (musicmap.info)
55 points by drmacak on Jan 12, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Ah, reminds of a similar old flash app for EDM genres. I've been hoping to find something more modern for years!

The flash app was probably Ishkur's Guide, which was fantastic in that it had tongue-in-cheek but very informative descriptions for evolution of each genre. Hadn't seen anything like it since.

It still can largely be used, really―the tree of genres grows much more slowly in the past ten years than in the 80s and 90s.

He's nearly done with a vastly bigger new version. (He just keeps polishing and adding though and doing money work inbetween, so it's in this state for 2 years or so...)


Yeah, I keep hearing about it.

But I don't really hold my breath: the old guide was cool because it was filled with inside knowledge from someone active in the scene, which back then meant hanging out with djs a lot. Now that the field is super fragmented and accessed more through the web, you either become a ‘music journalist’ with theoretical knowledge instead of practical (which is alright but different), or you need to be in dozens of emerging scenes, only some of which leave a trace.

In short, Ishkur old now.

The texts were sweet, but I'm fine just meandering through the samples too :)

Twitter share link needs a fix.

Argh, what is dubstep doing in the drum’n’bass column? Blegh

Dubstep is one of many *-step genres which absolutely spawned from drum and bass. Not sure what the issue is here?

Dubstep came out of the UK as well, largely out of the same scene?

Everybody talkin Riddim man but all it is Dubstep

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