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Huh, I wonder what that'll mean for cross-platform compatibility. As they say in the post, Allegro supports a lot of platforms, whereas if they end up just targeting DirectX 11, that pretty much locks out everyone other than Windows and Xbox, doesn't it?

I believe they support Linux as a first-class citizen, even with removing Allegro! I've had VERY good luck with Factorio running through Steam, on Debian Linux (both 8 and 9). I have also ran it on Mac OSX and Windows 7 without any issue.

That game is so rock-solid as far as stability/system support that I would literally buy it again out of general principal =)

They're getting it working on OpenGL first. "We are using OpenGL 3.2 for now, but DirectX 11 support is definitely coming before we release it."

FYI, Factorio still runs just fine on OS X.

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