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Yes and no.

General ARM programming--yes.

Specific peripherals--no.

General peripheral knowledge--yes.

An ARM is an ARM withing certain limits so your knowledge transfers. Sadly, every chip has a different way of programming the periperhals. However, every chip has roughly the same core peripherals (I2C, SPI, UART, etc.), and those electrical specifications and how you use them for protocols doesn't change.

  General peripheral knowledge--yes.
Maybe, programming a modern DMA based device running in a full blown OS with userspace, kernel space, an IO MMU, giving you bus IOVA addressing through a VM, with multiple command buffers, SRIOV, etc, while not wildly different isn't the same as doing IO read/writes into a fixed MMIO mapped device region. Doing some basic SPI programming is a start, but one has to understand there are a lot more layers that get added as the systems grows from a AVR level device to a modern server.

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